Just to keep this going on.

Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll read a lot of thing. Sometimes beneficial, educational to the downright dumb. Whatever it is, it's all done in the spirit of procrastinating. Oh, that work can wait. Shush!

So here's one from the best-of-craiglist which more often than not
will always have something intersting to read.

2 Girls on Bus

Date: 2008-11-14, 2:15AM EST

When you got on the bus talking excessively loud I gave you the benefit of the doubt... I noticed you (the one with platinum blonde hair) had some anime keychains and laminated drawings on your backpack (I don't quite care for Deidara [from Naruto] but I did not mind the Light and L and Riuk [DeathNote]).

When I actually started listening to what you and your friend was talking about I was aghast and apalled! How could someone in their right mind, in this day and age, use the word "like" more than 150 times from Westboro to Bayview (I started counting)... I was sickened.

And when the girl, who got on at Tunnys Pasture, came on and proceeded to sit in the seat you weren't going to sit in and had to move your backpack out of the way to get to the seat, I thought that you and your friend did not need to stop your horrifying conversation and glare her.

And to make matters even more unbearable the topic of your conversation was religion! I believe the term you didn't know was Agnostic, even though you just tell people you're Atheist. And no English is not the most spoken language in the world... Your friend, in some stroke of non-retarded genius, was right about there being more people speaking Mandarin/Cantonese. To which you replied, "Well, like, that's like, because all those like, people, like started learning Mandarin, like, like a couple like, years ago." (Give or take several "likes")

I, dumbfounded, could only shake my head and shudder... and leave the bus very quickly, which the girl you glared at did also.

So, like, when you, like get on, like, a bus and like, your like, having a conversation like that, like with your, like friend. Please consider, like everyone else who, like, have to like, put up with your like, incessant chatter.Like like, you like kinda sound like slightly like brain damaged!

Yes, I do get some stuff from craiglist at times.


Home is closer than you'd think it is.

Buying a second hand Nat Geo magazine from a book store here in Japan later reveals that it was originally bought in Malaysia. Huh. I wonder how it came to Japan.

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Though I have to admit that I wasted the whole night fooling around with it o_O!!

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Hey, they mentioned Malaysia!!

The report coincides with the publication by the human rights group Privacy International of figures that suggest Britain is the worst Western democracy at protecting individual privacy.

The two worst countries in the 36-nation survey are Malaysia and China, and Britain is one of the bottom five with "endemic surveillance".


Written in 2006 though. Wonders if it has gotten better...


On how to make a quality blog

The quality of the blog is directly proportional to the amount of time I waste.

Quality of blog  Time procrastinating


Halloween train

 Remember Yamanote line from the previous post? (For god's sake it's just below) 

On Halloween, there's the.......... Halloween train.

Crazy stuff definitely and some locals just hate it.

Me wanna see it.

PS: Then I realised the above video was this year's one.



FYI: Japan's trains

An estimated 3.5 million passengers ride every day on Tokyo's Yamanote Line, with its 29 stations. For comparison, the New York City Subway carries 5.08 million passengers per day on 26 lines serving 468 stations.

NYC Transit's Rank Among the World's Subway Systems 2007

Annual Subway Ridership

1.Tokyo *
3.011 billion
2.529 billion
1.655 billion
4.New York City
1.563 billion
5.Mexico City
1.417 billion
1.410 billion
1.015 million
878 million
9.Hong Kong
867 million
10.St. Petersburg
828 million

*(I live here!!!)

I'm gonna get sick of trains soon.


旅!Summer vacation.

From TokyoShizuokaHashimotoKobeKyotoNagoya

I've got to tell you, whoever who thought of the Seishun 18kippu(青春18切符) ought to given an award.  It's an absolutely wonderfull ticket for us students  who wants to travel around Japan.  You just have to fork out 11,500yen and the whole of Japan is yours to explore. Love it.

From TokyoShizuokaHashimotoKobeKyotoNagoya
morning clouds are beautiful...出発! 

Well, this is the first (beautiful) sight that greeted me on my journey's beginning. More to come later cuz my dinner's done and I'm hungry. Tata.

Tokyo was hot. So I travelled. ::Ibaraki::茨城県::

@azrilel FREEDOM! Except for the reports la.....aduhai... 03:18 PM August 05, 2008 from twitterrific in reply to azrilel

So with the exams over and done with, I hurriedly finished up my reports...

Off to the sea!!!? 12:17 PM August 09, 2008 from twitterrific

..which were supposed to be sent in by the 18th August. Then again, how could I be a procrastinator if I couldn't find something that distracts me from my report.

haiyo..cant see the sunrise at Hitachi..so cloudy 04:58 AM August 10, 2008 from txt

Had fun at the sea tho. Too bad I didn't bring my camera to snap up some pics while over there.

Ibaraki is so nice and cool. So unlike Tokyo. 05:36 PM August 10, 2008 from twitterrific

Well, at least I know where to run off to when the summer heat becomes unbearable. Also, Ooarai's(大洗) outlet store is there for the shopaholics. Personally, I think it's pretty small when compared to the other outlet stores.

Got back home and my yet-to-be-written report awaited me. Gah!


Here's to summer!

Hobbes: Summer days are made for doing things. Even if it's nothing.

Calvin: Especially if it's nothing.


Laughed a bit

These two quotes randomly appeared side by side. The second one complements the first one nicely methinks.

He's turned his life around. He used to be depressed and miserable. Now he's miserable and depressed.
- David Frost

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
- e e cummings

So I laughed. Today's not wasted then eh?


Off and Away!!!!!

Go figure...

PS: I'm not sure about Ishikawa though. Where the heck is that? There's one near my house....... lol


A building wobbles!

Just after Friday prayers, there was an earthquake. This time the epcentre's Hachioji, Tokyo. Being at the top floor during the earthquake was an experience. Once is enough tho.

Blogged from my iPod@uni.



Haih..... should have checked where all those images were being hosted at. Now what.

ごめんなさいね。。。 m(._.)m

Things I forgot

What ah?


Lol.Sorry can't help it. Here, I'm not talking about something personal, emotional etc etc but rather random pieces of my memory that I'd suddenly been reminded of.

Tanimura-san (my dad's foster dad when he was in Japan in his younger days) had been dutifully sending to our family a yearly calendar from Japan every year without fail. The calendar is a photo calendar of the scenic places in Japan. I would, when I was still young, stare at those pictures in wonderment. The beautiful pictures of Mt. Fuji and many other places in Japan all seemed so magical back than.

Something totally different now. I remember changing from IE to Opera wayyy back than. Main reason being that IE just plain suck and Opera was the fastest browser and still is. Firefox is still yet to come (twas the age of Mozilla back than). Anyway, what I had forgotten was that I had also liked Opera for another reason. Its RSS reader. A feature I don't remember seeing in other browsers of that time.

I forgot how my old room in M'sia looked like. Dammit.


FYI: Improved feed settings!

Now you can actually read my blog and twitters without having the need to actually visit it. Thus, denying me my site traffic and yet be able to stalk my blog. Neat huh?!

All thanks to FeedBurner.


Do you twitter?

I've recently got caught up with the twitter craze. You can see my tweets under the 'About Me' area.

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Somewhat like facebook's status thingamajig. Simple thing actually but yet capable of doing many things. Have a try!

Oh, add me too if you happen to join it! :P



Did this while eating lunch!

Haffa few more things to do, but that'll have to wait. Me off to school to study (summore)!


Nice things happen when you don't ask for it.

Saw a very nice sunset today. In a smog ridden city like Tokyo, I consider myself to be pretty lucky to catch a glimpse of such beautiful views that Mother Nature has got to offer. Thanking God for that...heh.

Too bad there's no photos of it to share it with you guys. Since a picture paints a thousand words, I'll try to describe it to you. Not in thousand words though. Too malas for that.

Come to think about it, I just feel plain lazy to describe it.





My room wobbled around me just now. Seems like this time the epicenter's somewhere in Ibaraki.

edit: It's Iwate, again.

Source: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/quake/24003700384.html



Ever received.....

[Removed this post on reasons that it's uber long and boring] Gomenasai! m(>_>)m

...... DOH!


Boiling point

Summer in Japan is so unbelievably hot. Couple that with the lack of greenery, what you'll get is the kind of climate that'll leave you with no mood to do anything else other than hide in the coolest spot that could be found.

Now, that is not good at all because what I need the most now is the mood to study. With the exam hurtling towards me like a runaway train, I seriously have to buck up. As in, really hard.

Meh. Off to sleep(even now it is ridiculously hot).


On iPhones and iPod touch

Best thing to do: WAIT!

One simple reason, each time an update goes up, you'll end up paying for it (yes, it's not free*).

So wait a bit for things to settle down. Your old phone will still faithfully serve you even though there is no "i" in front of it.

Patience after all, has its virtues.

Ignore all this if you plan to show off though.

If you're geeky enough, you'll know this guy : Chris Pirillo

*For the main updates so far.

PS: Argh... not all apps are still available on Japan!!!!

PSS: Though I have to admit I drooled a bit when I saw the iPhone 3G..

edit: iPhone gets free updates??


The iTunes store finally opens up apps store for iphone/ipod touch. As much as I'd want it, I would have to wait till there's a scrobbling app from last.fm before I finally do so. Till then, I keep meself contented with the current jailbroken 1.14 firmware that I have.

Or maybe it'll get hacked pretty soon enough which will then nullify the need for me to pay 1200yen to get the update.

Oh whatever. Back to my work. Tata!


Must..... be patient.......Must....discipline self........


Information Overlord

I have podcasts, tweets (from twitter), news feeds and all whatnots that you care to name of that I get from my pc and recently, my ipod touch. I tried to sum up all the ways that I use to keep myself informed but I got a head ache trying to think about it. Heck, I even have a screensaver, Flotzam that gives me up-to-date info on my feeds, facebook, flickr accounts and even the latest videos on Youtube.

Of course, those of you who are more technologically superior than me might look at me in scorn, themselves having more ways to be connected to, well, everything. I can't recall why I was so heck bent in having all the above montioned stuffs, but now it seems to have lost its appeal. I ask myself do I really have to know everything immediately? Heck, do I even need to know all that??

I'm bogged down by the information overload.


Would a hug repair a world?

Heh... gave me a somewhat warm fuzzy feeling. Could still remember the time I watched it on the TV.

PS: Oooh... this year IS the Year of the Rat, isn't it? Hah!


I scrobble (NOT Scrabble) !

To the audiophiles out there who are internet savvy.

Most would have heard of last.fm. 'tis a wunneful site for you to show off how much music you listen to (basically). Of course there's also the finding new music, interacting with peeps who listens to the same stuff as you are.

But the gist is to brag how much music you listen to. At least that's how I use it. Hehe.. :P


Sawing a log

Oompa loompa hooppadidoo!

My brain's full of wool. Stayed up late to do a job I hate.

The damage is made and I now have a pain in my head.

Better rest cause I'm in a mess.
Lets pray I'm better off next day..



And now I'm even more connected to the internet through my iPod Touch thanks to its WiFi.

Oooh... the chance for me to NOT socialize with real people just went up.

Oh what fun!

On the positive side, assuming I feel like it*, I could send in Twitter like posts whenever I like (wherever there is Wi-Fi**).

*Refer to blog title

** Tokyo = Hotspots everywhere :D


YUKI!! Until it snows in Sahara..oh Tokyo, I mean...

The second time it snowed in Tokyo! A rare thing, so I'm gonna have it properly recorded and get it set in stone or rather bytes.