Adam Curry aka Podfather

Y'know kids, long long ago, during the age Apple still doesn't provide that nice "Podcast" section in it's iTunes software, people have to download podcast manually and put 'em into their iPod/mp3 players. Or they could just (like me) use iPodder or Juice or whatever new names they had changed to since then. You'll have to get each podcast's URL thingy and manually put it in to the software and then wait for it to download the podcast and then, wait again for it to put it into iTunes. Then you can finally listen to the darned podcast. Of course, you have to sync your iPod with your PC if you want to listen it on your iPod first.

Sheesh, kids nowdays have it easy.

By the way, that guy above?

He's once an MTV VJ, introducing the latest and coolest songs to those teens who have now grown up into our parents (Try imagining MTV in 1987). He's also the Podfather, the pioneer to all that is podcast that we know today. Of course, there are a few others back then too but I happen to listen just to him that time. Also apparently, the intro to his podcast, the Daily Source Code hasn't changed much throughout the time. I was pleasantly surprised to find that out when I resubscribed to his podcast recently.

Good memories, those days. I loved listening to his podcast in the train during my daily commute to KLCC.

Oh yeah, his podcast's intro?

With 16 million dollars worth of airplane strapped to my ass, and the next generation radio content in my ears. I like to think I'm flying into the future.

格好イイじゃねか?Plain coolness methinks, I still remember that time when he got that quote. It came from one of his listeners email if my memory serves me well.

And his recent podcast, he talks about Tweetdeck! Muahahah, another Tweetdeck user! W00t!


A justified winter

We Tokyoites always go gaga whenever snow falls in the metropolitan area. There's a damn good reason for that. We suffer the cold winter but usually never have the pleasure to actually see snowfall.

Till now, I had only seen two occasions of worth-to-brag about snowfall over here on Tokyo. I always think of it as some form of reward for suffering the biting cold winds throughout this winter. Seeing all the white fluffy stuff laying around makes me forget the cold and pick it up to throw to someone. And I most certainly did that (to my housemate).

Hey, how often could you get plastered by snowball in Tokyo?