Things I forgot

What ah?


Lol.Sorry can't help it. Here, I'm not talking about something personal, emotional etc etc but rather random pieces of my memory that I'd suddenly been reminded of.

Tanimura-san (my dad's foster dad when he was in Japan in his younger days) had been dutifully sending to our family a yearly calendar from Japan every year without fail. The calendar is a photo calendar of the scenic places in Japan. I would, when I was still young, stare at those pictures in wonderment. The beautiful pictures of Mt. Fuji and many other places in Japan all seemed so magical back than.

Something totally different now. I remember changing from IE to Opera wayyy back than. Main reason being that IE just plain suck and Opera was the fastest browser and still is. Firefox is still yet to come (twas the age of Mozilla back than). Anyway, what I had forgotten was that I had also liked Opera for another reason. Its RSS reader. A feature I don't remember seeing in other browsers of that time.

I forgot how my old room in M'sia looked like. Dammit.


Hiroki-Kun said...

u live in japan for only 1.5 years and u can forget the room u haf been living in for the past 17 years?! arienai.... haha..

Aiman Ariffin said...