On how to make a quality blog

The quality of the blog is directly proportional to the amount of time I waste.

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Halloween train

 Remember Yamanote line from the previous post? (For god's sake it's just below) 

On Halloween, there's the.......... Halloween train.

Crazy stuff definitely and some locals just hate it.

Me wanna see it.

PS: Then I realised the above video was this year's one.



FYI: Japan's trains

An estimated 3.5 million passengers ride every day on Tokyo's Yamanote Line, with its 29 stations. For comparison, the New York City Subway carries 5.08 million passengers per day on 26 lines serving 468 stations.

NYC Transit's Rank Among the World's Subway Systems 2007

Annual Subway Ridership

1.Tokyo *
3.011 billion
2.529 billion
1.655 billion
4.New York City
1.563 billion
5.Mexico City
1.417 billion
1.410 billion
1.015 million
878 million
9.Hong Kong
867 million
10.St. Petersburg
828 million

*(I live here!!!)

I'm gonna get sick of trains soon.


旅!Summer vacation.

From TokyoShizuokaHashimotoKobeKyotoNagoya

I've got to tell you, whoever who thought of the Seishun 18kippu(青春18切符) ought to given an award.  It's an absolutely wonderfull ticket for us students  who wants to travel around Japan.  You just have to fork out 11,500yen and the whole of Japan is yours to explore. Love it.

From TokyoShizuokaHashimotoKobeKyotoNagoya
morning clouds are beautiful...出発! 

Well, this is the first (beautiful) sight that greeted me on my journey's beginning. More to come later cuz my dinner's done and I'm hungry. Tata.

Tokyo was hot. So I travelled. ::Ibaraki::茨城県::

@azrilel FREEDOM! Except for the reports la.....aduhai... 03:18 PM August 05, 2008 from twitterrific in reply to azrilel

So with the exams over and done with, I hurriedly finished up my reports...

Off to the sea!!!? 12:17 PM August 09, 2008 from twitterrific

..which were supposed to be sent in by the 18th August. Then again, how could I be a procrastinator if I couldn't find something that distracts me from my report.

haiyo..cant see the sunrise at Hitachi..so cloudy 04:58 AM August 10, 2008 from txt

Had fun at the sea tho. Too bad I didn't bring my camera to snap up some pics while over there.

Ibaraki is so nice and cool. So unlike Tokyo. 05:36 PM August 10, 2008 from twitterrific

Well, at least I know where to run off to when the summer heat becomes unbearable. Also, Ooarai's(大洗) outlet store is there for the shopaholics. Personally, I think it's pretty small when compared to the other outlet stores.

Got back home and my yet-to-be-written report awaited me. Gah!