Would a hug repair a world?

Heh... gave me a somewhat warm fuzzy feeling. Could still remember the time I watched it on the TV.

PS: Oooh... this year IS the Year of the Rat, isn't it? Hah!


I scrobble (NOT Scrabble) !

To the audiophiles out there who are internet savvy.

Most would have heard of last.fm. 'tis a wunneful site for you to show off how much music you listen to (basically). Of course there's also the finding new music, interacting with peeps who listens to the same stuff as you are.

But the gist is to brag how much music you listen to. At least that's how I use it. Hehe.. :P


Sawing a log

Oompa loompa hooppadidoo!

My brain's full of wool. Stayed up late to do a job I hate.

The damage is made and I now have a pain in my head.

Better rest cause I'm in a mess.
Lets pray I'm better off next day..



And now I'm even more connected to the internet through my iPod Touch thanks to its WiFi.

Oooh... the chance for me to NOT socialize with real people just went up.

Oh what fun!

On the positive side, assuming I feel like it*, I could send in Twitter like posts whenever I like (wherever there is Wi-Fi**).

*Refer to blog title

** Tokyo = Hotspots everywhere :D