Just to keep this going on.

Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll read a lot of thing. Sometimes beneficial, educational to the downright dumb. Whatever it is, it's all done in the spirit of procrastinating. Oh, that work can wait. Shush!

So here's one from the best-of-craiglist which more often than not
will always have something intersting to read.

2 Girls on Bus

Date: 2008-11-14, 2:15AM EST

When you got on the bus talking excessively loud I gave you the benefit of the doubt... I noticed you (the one with platinum blonde hair) had some anime keychains and laminated drawings on your backpack (I don't quite care for Deidara [from Naruto] but I did not mind the Light and L and Riuk [DeathNote]).

When I actually started listening to what you and your friend was talking about I was aghast and apalled! How could someone in their right mind, in this day and age, use the word "like" more than 150 times from Westboro to Bayview (I started counting)... I was sickened.

And when the girl, who got on at Tunnys Pasture, came on and proceeded to sit in the seat you weren't going to sit in and had to move your backpack out of the way to get to the seat, I thought that you and your friend did not need to stop your horrifying conversation and glare her.

And to make matters even more unbearable the topic of your conversation was religion! I believe the term you didn't know was Agnostic, even though you just tell people you're Atheist. And no English is not the most spoken language in the world... Your friend, in some stroke of non-retarded genius, was right about there being more people speaking Mandarin/Cantonese. To which you replied, "Well, like, that's like, because all those like, people, like started learning Mandarin, like, like a couple like, years ago." (Give or take several "likes")

I, dumbfounded, could only shake my head and shudder... and leave the bus very quickly, which the girl you glared at did also.

So, like, when you, like get on, like, a bus and like, your like, having a conversation like that, like with your, like friend. Please consider, like everyone else who, like, have to like, put up with your like, incessant chatter.Like like, you like kinda sound like slightly like brain damaged!

Yes, I do get some stuff from craiglist at times.


Home is closer than you'd think it is.

Buying a second hand Nat Geo magazine from a book store here in Japan later reveals that it was originally bought in Malaysia. Huh. I wonder how it came to Japan.

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Though I have to admit that I wasted the whole night fooling around with it o_O!!

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