Schrodinger's Cat

The last part really made me laugh.

For those not familiar, "Schrodinger's cat" is actually a sort of experiment where a cat is shut in a box which you cannot possibly see/hear/observe anything going inside and the only possible outcomes when you open up the box are:
  1. The cat lives (and all is well)
  2. The cat dies (and PETA will go mad)

Fortunately this not a real experiment per se. More of just the kind of of stuffs old and overly smart scientist* like to think up in their own imagination.

Back to the experiment, both outcomes are possible. A 50-50 chance of having the cat in the box being dead or still be alive and annoyed. The cat at that particular moment is described as dead and alive. Something that as ridiculous as it may seem, is also completely true.

*Oooh.. last.fm's playing BOA!*
*dances to the beat*

OK, here's the important part. When this realization came to me, I felt so enlightened and felt that I immediately have to share this with the world before the Vogons decides to demolish Earth. Something that no scientist has ever yet noted about this world famous "thought" experiment. It has to be, without any doubt nor scientific debate (not even quantum science could refute), that the animal has got to be a cat.

Why, you ask?
No other creature would ever go into a box this willingly. QED.

Curiosity kills a cat. Huh..

Or maybe not!
Quantum mechanics my friends!

*Young scientist being young, play RPGs and online flash games.

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Good one! :)